Frozen Surti Papdi Lilva (340gms)

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MZ Food Products provides Frozen Surti Papdi Lilva in the USA

Surti Papdi Lilva, also known as Indian beans, boosts the immune system, improves eyesight, and controls blood sugar levels. Frozen vegetables can often be prepared with minimal effort, making them a quick and timely option to refresh vegetables. Buy it from one of the best frozen vegetables and fruit suppliers in India.


  • Net wt.340g
  • Poids net. 11.99oz


  • Frozen Surti Papdi Lilva

Surti Papdi Lilva Features:

  • Ready to cook any time
  • Freshly Frozen and Packed
  • Improves eyesight
  • Keep your brain healthy
  • Promote blood cell development